New mobile ordering technology enables fans to order & pay concessions via smartphone.

United Soccer League team Greenville Triumph, has partnered with Partake Pay to offer fans a solution for mobile ordering food and beverages from the comfort of their seats. Express pickup will be offered to guests anywhere in the stadium while in-seat delivery will be offered to seats in select sections. Partake Pay allows guests to securely order and pay for concessions on their smartphones so they can skip the line and make it their experience, their way. Partake Pay is expected to go live at Greenville Triumph on April 6, 2019.

Greenville Triumph is implementing Partake Pay to ensure guests no longer miss out on their experience due to long concession lines. Additionally, the service will allow the facility to streamline the ordering and payment process. Partake Pay is expected to go live at Greenville Triumph on April 6, 2019. In-seat delivery will be offered as a premium service in select locations as guests will receive their orders at their seat from concession staff.

We are excited about the new level of service that we get to bring to our fans in the stadium. Whether it’s Express Lane or in-seat, we’ll be able to bring an experience to our ticket holders that they can’t get anywhere else in the area. Clearly, it’s going to maximize our revenue with concessions and merchandise, ultimately though, we’re excited about the fan experience Partake will bring.

Todd YunkerC.R.O, Greenville Triumph

Partake is a mobile-first payment and customer value analytics platform that helps organizations enhance customer experiences.

“Our mission is to be the gateway of every mobile transaction and help venues personalize every guest interaction within the sports and entertainment industry,” stated Heath Barnett, CEO.

Partake Pay empowers fans to access, order, and pay for services through their smartphones so they can spend their time enjoying the experience, not waiting in line. The company provides organizations a turnkey solution to include mobile ordering, payment processing, back-office integrations, and comprehensive customer-centric analytics. For more information on Partake, please visit

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